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Roadways/Channels: hydraulics analysis

Open-Channels: circular conduit calculator and reports application

Inlet on Grade: spreadsheet analysis for roadway street section and catch basin flow capacity on continuous grade

Bruce Hunt PhD: Software and PDF Texts

* Pipe networks software
* Groundwater analysis spreadsheet
* Fluid Mechanics for Civil Engineers
* Fluid Mechanics Problems
* Fluid Mechanics Solutions
* The Solution of 2nd Order Partial Differential Equations
* Six Tutorials and Solutions for 2nd Order Partial Differential Equations

Roadway stormwater analysis/design spreadsheet

Oregon DOT Hydraulics Manual Basis


Erosion control measures analysis spreadsheets

North Carolina Division of Land Resources
Design Calculation Spreadsheets

* Sediment control measures
* Rationale method with Kinematic Wave Tc
* Spillway capacity
* Plunge pool, submerged outlet
* Plunge pool, cantilevered outlet
* Open Channel Flow

Rainfall-Runoff Processes (RRP) W3 Module

Analysis spreadsheets accompany this educational resource...

Target audience: 1)Professionals with a scientific or engineering background with a college degree in science or engineering; 2) Students (senior and graduate level) in a hydrologic science or engineering program.

Module should take about 6-15 hours to complete depending on your quantitative background and a priori knowledge in this area.

* A complete workbook on Rainfall Runoff Processes serving as the textbook for this module.
* Streaming video and slide presentations.
* Visualizations and computer animations to convey key concepts.
* Powerpoint presentations.
* Online quizzes serving as exercises where the user needs to respond to multiple choice questions or enter numeric answers to problems.
* An online final test.


Excellent e-book series with analysis spreadsheets

Estimating Runoff Losses Due to Infiltration in Treatment Facilities and Trenches

Washington State DOT Design Office Hydraulics Branch

Low Impact Developing Modeling Guidance

Spreadsheet analysis of BMP infiltration

WSDOE Low Impact Development Design and Flow Modeling Guidance

Bioretention Sizing/Routing Spreadsheet

Bioretention stormwater management measure spreadsheet

WTM (Watershed Treatment Model)

The Watershed Treatment Model (WTM) is a simple spreadsheet that tracks pollutant sources and the effectiveness of various watershed treatment options in urban and urbanizing watersheds.

WWHM (Western Washington Hydrology Model)

User friendly software application for sizing stormwater detention and water quality facilities to meet the Washington State Department of Ecology standards.

SET (Site Evaluation Tool)

Planning tool: spreadsheet-based model for analysis of predevelopment and postdevelopment stormwater runoff, infiltration, and pollutant loading rates.

Wake County Stormwater Tool

Planning/screening level analysis: spreadsheet tool

LCS (LID Credit Spreadsheet)

LID Credits are based on the ability of various LID practices to reduce the overall VOLUME of runoff from a development site.

StormWISE (Storm Water Investment Strategy Evaluator)

StormWISE: screening and planning level analysis, cost-benefit model for stormwater management facilities.

STEPL (Spreadsheet Tool for Estimating Pollutant Load)

Spreadsheet: nutrient and sediment loads from different land uses and the load reductions that would result from the implementation of various best management practices (BMPs).

NJGRS (New Jersey Groundwater Recharge Spreadsheet)

Groundwater recharge analysis: methodology, design storm, details, etc

IDEAL (Integrated Design and Evaluation Assessment of Loadings)

Spreadsheet model: stormwater structural management measures analysis

A Milwaukee Model for LID Hydrologic Analysis

Calculations for the preferred approach have been formulated in a spreadsheet that allows the user to input the amount of retention provided by each of several kinds of LID components, and then see immediately a recalculated hydrograph that reflects the predicted effect of the aggregate retention volume. The spreadsheet, which has been dubbed the ”LID Quicksheet”, is expected to be incorporated along with its documentation into the MMSD stormwater management guidance.

BURBS Spreadsheet (nitrogen mass balance)

BURBS is a Lotus 1-2-3 version 2 spreadsheet that helps you to construct a nitrogen mass balance for a residential area in a place like Long Island. Much of the U.S. Atlantic Coastal Plain is similar to Long Island:

* Significant surplus of precipitation over evapotranspiration.
* High soil and subsoil infiltration rates.
* Flat terrain, leading to very little overland runoff except from impervious surfaces.


3-PG Forest Growth Model

Land Cover Changes (Trending/Predictive Watershed Parameter Analysis)

3-PG calculates the radiant energy absorbed by forest canopies and converts it into biomass production. The efficiency of radiation conversion is modified by the effects of nutrition, soil drought (the model includes continuous calculation of water balance), atmospheric vapour pressure deficits and stand age. The carbon produced by the canopy is allocated to leaves, stems and roots, using dynamic equations that update the state of the system on a monthly time step.


Rational Method storm drain network analysis spreadsheet

HawsEDC (Engineering, Drafting, and Computing)

SDnet: Rational Method storm drain network analysis spreadsheet
OpenOffice Calc

Landscape Irrigation Management Program

Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (LIMP): used to calculate ETo rates, determine landscape coefficients (KL), estimate evapotranspiration (ETL) of landscape vegetation, and determine irrigation schedules.

Hourly Reference Evapotranspiration (ETo) Calculator

HRPM.EXE is an executable program that calculates reference evapotranspiration (ETo) for a grass reference using hourly weather data and the Penman-Monteith equation.


New version of SWMM released

Latest update to EPA SWMM released: Version 5 Build 0.011 (5.0.011, 2007 July 07). Download at "".