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DRAINMOD Now Available for Free

DRAINMOD is similar to EnDrain ( and EAAMOD (

"DRAINMOD simulates the hydrology of poorly drained, high water table soils on an hour-by-hour, day-by-day basis for long periods of climatological record (e.g. 50 years). The model predicts the effects of drainage and associated water management practices on water table depths, the soil water regime and crop yields. It has been used to analyze the hydrology of certain types of wetlands and to determine whether the wetland hydrologic criterion is satisfied for drained or partially drained sites. The model is also used to determine the hydraulic capacity of systems for land treatment of wastewater."


Copan: Coordinate Geometry (COGO) for Surveying

This is a bit out of hydrology, hydraulics, and water quality, but a beneficial software application for those working with land surveying data - a common task associated with HHWQ. Anyway, I like it. From the author...

"Copan from Underhill Geomatics Ltd is a free tool for computing and managing plane land survey coordinates. It calculates coordinate geometry (COGO), processes field survey data, computes and adjusts map traverses, performs map checks, calculates areas and perimeters, transforms coordinates, and imports/exports Ascii files. It supports quadrant and whole-circle bearings, and gons as well as degrees-minutes-seconds. It runs on Windows and two mobile platforms, PalmOS and PocketPC. The Windows version also supports south- as well as north-based bearings. The mobile versions also calculate curves and have GPS positioning and navigation functions."


SSOAP from EPA...

The SSOAP toolbox is a suite of computer software tools used for quantification of RDII and facilitating capacity analysis of sanitary sewer systems. The toolbox is currently interfaced with the USEPA Storm Water Management Model Version 5 (SWMM5) for performing dynamic routing of flows through the sanitary sewer systems.


Unfortunately, this system is integrated into a proprietary GIS (ESRI ArcGIS), but here it is:

SUSTAIN (System for Urban Stormwater Treatment and Analysis Integration) is a decision support system to facilitate selection and placement of Best Management Practices (BMPs) and Low Impact Development (LID) techniques at strategic locations in urban watersheds. It was developed to assist stormwater management professionals in developing implementation plans for flow and pollution control to protect source waters and meet water quality goals. From an understanding of the needs of the user community, SUSTAIN was designed for use by watershed and stormwater practitioners to develop, evaluated, and select optimal BMP combinations at various watershed scales on the basis of cost and effectiveness. SUSTAIN is a tool for answering the following questions:

* How effective are BMPs in reducing runoff and pollutant loadings?
* What are the most cost-effective solutions for meeting water quality and quality objectives?
* Where, what type, and how big should BMPs be?