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STREAMPlan 1.0

Spreadsheet Tool for River Environmental Assessment Management and Planning

Another HHWQ tool...

StreamPlan is a spreadsheet application for policy analysis of alternative water quality management strategies at a river basin level. Strategies include uniform emission reduction and effluent standard based strategies, ambient water quality criteria and least-cost strategies, total emission reduction under minimized costs, mixed strategies, local and regional policies, and strategies with economic instruments. StreamPlan includes a detailed model of wastewater generation at the municipal level with a water quality model and policy analysis tools at the river basin scale.


SSIIM for Windows

The Sediment Simulation In Intakes with Multiblock option model (SSIIM) is for teaching and research for hydraulic/river/sedimentation engineering. It solves the Navier-Stokes equations using the control volume method with the SIMPLE algorithm and the k-epsilon turbulence model. It also solves the convection-diffusion equation for sediment transport, using van Rijn's formula for the bed boundary. A water quality module is included.

The software application has an interactive graphical grid editor creating a structured grid. The post-processor includes vector graphics, contour plots, profiles, etc which can run simultaneously with the solver, enabling viewing of intermediate result. A post-processor viewing coloured surfaces in 3D is also made, as a separate program.

The software has been around for a while, but a new version for MS Windows has been recently released (2007 September 26), so I thought I would post on it. (I have not tried the latest release, but it would need to be a signficant improvement for SSIIM to have surpassed CCHE2D).

SSIIM can be downloaded from "".

USDA NRCS engineering documents available

The USDA NRCS has many engineering analysis and design documents available download and use.

Topics include: Agriculture, Conservation, Construction, Dams, Drafting/Drawings, Drainage, Ecology, Geology, Hydraulics, Hydrology, Irrigation, Landscape Architecture, Quality Assurance, Sediment, Soils, Specifications, Stormwater Management, Streams/Channels, Structures, Surveying, Water Supply, Water Quality

These are available for download at "".