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Stormwater / Watershed Runoff Model Comparison Studies

Evaluation and Modification of Five Techniques for Estimating Stormwater Runoff for Watersheds in West-Central Florida (USGS Water-Resources Investigations Report 96-4158).

Comparison of Nine Uncalibrated Runoff Models to Observed Flows in Two Small Urban Watersheds (Zarriello, P J, 1998).


Illinois NRCS Engineering Software

This program contains solutions to the hydraulic equations that are frequently encountered on soil and water conservation activities. All of these solutions are presented in a graphical form that more readily displays the inputs and solutions. Printed reports are available from all of the hydraulic solutions that will satisfy most documentation requirements.

Routing small pipe-drop structures
Sizing tile-outlet terrace systems
Sizing concrete-block or rock-lined chutes
Evaluating channel stability
Evaluating channel tailwater depths
Performing earthfill volume calculations
Computing simple hydraulic formulae

Pump System Improvement Modeling Tool (PSIM)

Educational tool for understanding hydraulic behavior of pumping systems.

Automatic pump curve viscosity corrections
Centrifugal pumps
Energy cost over time
Flow control values
Impeller trimming
NPSH calculations
Positive displacement pumps
Pressure control values
Pump energy usage
Pump vs system curves
Pump efficiency and BEP evaluation
System hydraulic calculations
Variable speed pumps