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HydroOffice 2010

This is a new software package to me. It is apparently intended to be a modular modeling systems with a Windows MS based GUI. All of the modules are listed as beta versions. One of the modules seems to require a user fee, while the others do not. I plan to download this and see how it runs.

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milos.gregor.hydro said...

Thanks for informing about my software.

This software is a partial result of my PhD. Currently, HydroOffice contains 8 optional modules and all are free. Payable modules I plan to release later as the freemium model (free + premium modules). It will be a module for time-series data processing and pre- & post-processing tools for USGS models - Infill and OTIS.

MiloŇ° Gregor (author of HydroOffice)

PS: Nice page. I'll add a link on my website.