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Downloadable ebook: Groundwater Hydrology Beginning Course Instructor's Guide

Study Guide for a Beginning Course in Ground-Water Hydrology, Part 2: Instructor's Guide
USGS Open-File Report 92-637

O Lehn Franke, Thomas E Reilly, Ralph J Haefner, and Dale L Simmons

Includes: fundamental concepts and definitions; dimensions and conversion of units; water budgets; characteristics of earth materials related to hydrogeology; occurrence of subsurface water; pressure and hydraulic head; preparation and interpretation of water-table maps; ground-water/surface-water relations; darcy's law; transmissivity; aquifers, confining layers , unconfined and confined flow; ground-water storage; ground-water flow equation; system concept; information required to describe a ground-water system; preliminary conceptualization of a ground-water system; answer to the third unnumbered assignment under "preliminary conceptualization of a ground-water system"; analysis of ground-water systems through use of flow nets; regional ground-water flow and depiction of ground-water systems by means of hydrogeologic maps and sections; geology and the occurrence of ground water; description of a real ground-water system; source of water to a pumped well; role of numerical simulation in analyzing ground-water systems; concept of ground-water flow to wells; analysis of flow to a well-- introduction to basic analytical solutions; analysis of flow to a well-- applying analytical solutions to specific problems; concept of superposition and its application to well-hydraulic problems; aquifer tests; background and field procedures related to ground-water contamination; physical mechanisms of solute transport in ground water

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