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CDM version of SWMM5

CDM makes available their version version of SWMM5 for download and use. There's a few more options and the GUI element edit boxes have a lot more variable options. Otherwise, it looks, feels, and acts like the EPA version (from what I've have discerned).


Robert said...

This version is a QA/QC version of SWMM 5 that was used to more closely compare the SWMM 4 to SWMM 5 results using extra data variables.

Robert said...

It should not be used for modeling. You should use the EPA SWMM Web site to download the latest EPA SWMM version:

Robert said...
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Robert said...

More Information about the Stormwater Management Model (SWMM) for watershed water quality, hydrology and hydraulics modelers can be found at these additional WebSites.
Wikipedia SWMM
SWMM 3,4 to 5 Conversion Tools
SWMM Google Group
SWMM-Espanol Google Group
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SWMM 5.0 Ning Site
UDFCD Computational Tools and USDCM Support

Robert said...

A new version of SWMM 5 (SWMM 5.0.014) can be downloaded from the EPA Web Site at